Financing Your Energy Star Home

NY Energy Star Builder ENERGY STAR offers information on mortgage lending programs that include the cost of energy efficiency investments in the loans themselves so that borrowers can pay for those investments over the life of their loans, as well as possibly deduct the interest from their federal and state income taxes. These programs include:

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How to Get Started with your Energy Star Home

Energy STAR Process

Step 1: Builder Chooses to Parnter with ENERGY STAR

Through a Partnership Agreement with EPA, a builder agrees to affix an ENERGY STAR label on homes that are independently verified to meet program guidelines and to build at least one ENERGY STAR certified home every 12 months to maintain their partnership. Through the Partnership Agreement process, the builder also selects a Home Energy Rater to work with to qualify their homes. It is important for consumers to recognize that an ENERGY STAR builder partner does not necessarily build exclusively ENERGY STAR certified homes. Some builder partners offer ENERGY STAR in specific home models, subdivisions or developments, or as an upgrade option. However, there are also many builders that have made a commitment to building 100% ENERGY STAR certified homes across their entire operation and developers who require all ENERGY STAR construction in their developments. Continue reading