Guide to Successful Kitchen Renovations

If you are looking forward to modernizing your kitchen space this year, hiring a General Contractor experienced with managing the various aspects of the project is key. Tasks such as relocating walls, plumbing and drainpipes, updating electrical wiring and the redistribution of heating and cooling functions are only a few of the decisions you will be faced with.

Tips from a General Contractor

  • Establish a Budget – allows the kitchen designer to propose appropriate cabinetry and counter top space.
  • Skilled Team – ensure the contractor is working with a proven team of professionals. Various skills are required to successfully complete an extensive renovation, as well as, the ability to coordinate specialists and stick to a schedule while performing each task neatly and efficiently.
  • Proper Work Flow – The placement of your appliances and fixtures will insure an enjoyable and efficient experience in your new kitchen. Staying within the parameters of the well proven working triangle will keep separations of appliances and fixtures to a comfortable distance and help achieve a harmonious work flow.
  • Appliance Professional – An experienced appliance specialist should work with you and with the kitchen designer to ensure the most efficient and accurate installation of new appliances. Incorporating state of the art features, such as; microwave drawers, touch sensor faucets, warming drawers, fold up flat screen television and fast boil electric magnetic cook top will increase the value of your home.



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